All About Lead Acid Batteries – A Complete Guide

Knowing More About Your Battery

The fact that your car reliably starts is probably all you really ever needed to know about a lead acid car battery. That and the occasional jump-start has been sufficient to get you by.

Whether you own a boat, RV, golf cart or solar panels, you’ve discovered that batteries can be expensive.   If your hope is to learn some things that will save you a few bucks, you’ve come to the right place.

Sections Inside

Lead Acid Battery Fundamentals –  How they work… What the specifications mean… Peukert’s Law…  These are just some of the topics you will find in this section. Understanding lead acid batteries can save you some money.

Battery Types – Includes discussions on Flooded Cells, AGMs, and Gel Batteries.  Also discusses deep cycles versus starting batteries.

Lead Acid Battery Charging  –  Batteries don’t just die. They’re murdered.  Learn about the different charging methods and keep from killing your batteries.

Lead Acid Battery Management –  Equalizers, Isolators, Converters and more.  Take a peak at the various devices that keep your batteries in top shape.

Lead Acid Battery Maintenance – Measure your battery’s state of charge or learn how to perform some system trouble shooting.   These articles will show you how.

 Battery Maintenance Tools – In addition to improving your productivity and quality,  these tools will enhance safety.