All About Lead Acid Battery Charging

Proper battery charging is the most important thing a battery owner can do to keep batteries healthy.  The articles in this section introduce some of the different types of technologies and devices available today.

Reading all of these articles will help you to not only understand your current charging methods, but will aid in future charger selections.

Bulk Charge LogoBulk Charging,  also referred to as constant current charging,  gets most of the work done.  This article explains the basic concepts behind this charge method.


Absorption Charge LogoAbsorption Charging is also referred to as constant voltage charging.   For most practical purposes, it finishes the job of charging the battery.  Once this process is complete,   a topping or maintenance charge can be applied.

Float Charge LogoThe Float Charge is the final charging state.   In some cases, it brings a battery to a full charge and keeps it there.  In others, it holds the battery at full charge after the absorption method did so.

The exact nature is largely charger dependent.

3 Stage ChargersThree Stage Charging, combines the three fundamental charging methods to provide a properly charged battery that will help to provide the most capacity for the greatest number of charge and discharge cycles.

While the three stage charge cycle algorithms can vary slightly,  for the most part, they will follow the pattern described in this article.