Battery Maintenance Tools

Battery Maintenance involves working with electricity and dangerous chemicals.   This specialization has resulted in the development of specialized tools.

These are more than fancy widgets.  They exist for a reason and that’s because there is a rightful place for them.   Peruse the tools summarized below.  Consider their purpose and decide if you will be performing that task.

Top Post Battery Terminal Pullers –  You will likely find a way to get a terminal off without this terminal removal tool.  Heck, you’ll  probably do it a hundred times without incident.    Then on attempt number 101,  you’ll find yourself with melted steel and possibly painful burns.   In my humble opinion, every automotive tool box needs one of these.

Side Post Battery Terminal Wrenches – In addition to safety, the ratcheting feature along with a low profile make terminal removal a heck of lot easier than trying to attempt the same task with your standard tool box assortment.

Both the GM and Import sized wrenches are feature in this section.

Battery Carriers are not for the lazy, but for the smart.  Acid burns.  Back muscles get injured.  Getting one of these little gems is how you avoid both.

Highlighted are four different styles.

You choose.

Battery Hydrometers allow you to test state of charge on any battery that is not maintenance free.

What that means, is you should be able to open caps to expose the electrolyte in order to use this tool.

If you can do that, this is a great device

Battery Terminal or Post Cleaners are not the first thing that you think of when making a list of important tools you will need.

Indeed, what’s around the house will generally help you to get the job done.

That said,  these aren’t bad tools to have.  Good clean connections are very important when it comes to battery performance, safety and maintenance.