Battery Lifters and Carriers

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More than Back Protection

This is more than about saving your back.  It’s about saving your wardrobe and quite possibly your skin.

Batteries contain some pretty nasty chemicals… as in acid.   Acid pretty much eats through everything…  as in metal clothing and skin.

The biggest issue with battery acid burns is that you don’t always know that you’ve been exposed.  In fact, there was an occasion where I got some acid on the seat of my pants.

I didn’t notice it until the acid had eaten through my jeans.  At that point, things got a little uncomfortable.

Below you will find an assortment of lifters and carriers to ease your your work.

Side Lifter with Large Grip Area

My favorite style.  The handle is convenient and comfortable.  More, I feel like I have a more secure lift.

You see, the gripping surface area is greater than you find in the other varieties.

About the only disadvantage I can see,  is that you have to size it to the battery.  That’s not generally a concern to me as  I’m never in a hurry when working with batteries.

The damage on this one is about $16.50.   Go HERE to get one.

Manufaturer: E-Z Red
Model: S520

Universal Size Battery Carrier

Plenty of folks swear by this style, and I must admit, it does have an advantage.

Specifically, you do not have to size it to the battery.  It’ll pretty much work with every battery there is.

One of things that I dislike is that strap digging into my hands.  Batteries are pretty heavy.

The cost here is a little less at about 15 bucks a copy.   You can have one in a few days by going HERE.

Manufaturer: E-Z Red
Model: S530

 Top Lip Jaw Style Battery Carrier

I’ve never use one,  but those who have reviewed them on line think they’re awesome.

The jaws you see on this carrier are designed to be set just under the lip to get better balance while carrying you car battery.

This will set yo back about $15.00 and are readily available HERE.

Manufaturer: Lisle

Battery Carrying Strap

This isn’t my preferred choice,  but there really is no substitute when trying to pull a battery from a tight spot.

They’re designed to work with top post batteries and fasten right to the terminals.

They’re probably the lowest cost option at about $9.00.   Offered by K-D tools, they can be found HERE

Manufaturer: K-D Tools
Model: 205