Battery Terminal Cleaning Tools

The function of these tools can be replicated with what you’ve got around the house.    Small wire brushes, old tooth brushes, steel wool and maybe a little bit of sandpaper will generally do the trick.

That said,  if you see a deal on these tools, it doesn’t hurt to have them around.  They are designed to clean your terminals a little more efficiently and thoroughly.

Typical Battery Terminal and Connector Cleaner

The wire brush on the inside cleans the post.

There a cap at the end, which when removed, reveals a brush that allows you to clean the connector at the end of your battery cable.

This one is made by Proto and will set you back $15.00.

It can be purchased HERE.

Manufacturer: Proto
Model: J2320

3 Way Terminal and Post Cleaner

This one works a little differently that the brush you see above.

Instead, this a basically scrapes the corrosion off with a blade.  There are two ends sized for the positive and negative battery terminal.

The third end is a ream that will scrape the corrosion from the inside of the connectors on your battery cables.

The cost for this tool is about $9.00.  It can be purchased online.

Manufacturer: OTC
Model: 4612