Battery Terminal Pullers

A properly secured battery terminal does not always come off easy.  Particularly if its been in place for years.

Absent the correct tool, you’re stuck with using standard tools from your tool chest to remove the terminal from the battery post.   Doing so comes with some serious hazards that include bruise knuckles and burns.

In fact, if you short the terminal to the wrong place with your tool, you could be looking at arcs, sparks and even explosions.  Battery terminal pullers are specifically designed to lessen that hazard.

Low Cost Battery Terminal Remover

This terminal puller will work, but the jaws that reach under the terminal don’t necessarily inspire confidence. If you don’t get a good grip underneath the terminal, the puller could flip and strike something metallic as you remove the post.

That said,  its probably pretty suitable for those who rarely work with batteries.

Manufacturer:  Great Neck OEM
Model: 25121

They normally cost less than $10.00.  You can buy one HERE.

Mid Range Battery Terminal Remover

Made in the United States, this mid range puller is more robust than the one seen above.    It’s lower profile may make it more suitable in today’s packed engine compartments.

This is perfectly suitable for a maintenance mechanic or simply someone who wants his tools to last more than a few cycles.

Manufacturer: CTA
Model: 25121

These price at about $15.00.   You can buy one HERE.

  Multipurpose Puller

Some battery terminal pullers are designed so to be used as wiper arm pullers.

This one made by Lisle is one of that class.  Keep in mind, the jaws are designed for battery terminals and wiper arms.  You could damage it if your try to remove pulleys.

Manufacturer: Lisle
Model: 54150

These are about $20.00 plus.  You can buy one HERE.

Pullers as Part of a Kit

Over the years, I’ve found OTC to be a decent supplier of automotive tools.

If you’re not yet equipped to service batteries,  your best bet is to probably buy a kit.   You will not only get the terminal remover you’re looking for,  but you will get other essential battery maintenance tools.

Manufacturer: OTC
Model: 4631

Expect pay up to $60.00.  You can purchase one HERE.