Battery Terminal Wrenches

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Safe and Effective

A wrench out of your tool box will work just fine to remove the cables from your battery side terminals.   However, these tools offer a couple of few benefits that are worth a look.

To begin with, they are insulated.  Metal tools accidentally shorting a battery terminal out are a potential disaster.   What started as a casual afternoon project or task,  can easily become a horrible mess.

The second is that they are ratcheting wrenches.  This not only reduces the need to remove and clock the wrench before taking another turn,  but the tool has a lower profile than sockets and drives.   This low profile is very desirable when clearances are tight.

There are two common sizes for these wrenches.

One measures 5/16 ” and is typically found on batteries in GM cars.

The other is 10mm and is found on imports and some domestic vehicles.

The best thing to do before buying one is to size your current terminal.

Short 10mm Battery Terminal Wrench

The handle length is about 5 1/2 inches.  This may be ideal in tight quarters,  but may require a little extra effort to bust a tough terminal loose.

This will cost you about eight bucks.   You can buy one HERE.

Manufacturer: OTC
Model: 4616

Longer 10mm Side Post Terminal Wrench

At 9-3/4″,  this will give you reach and leverage on those extra tough terminals.     That said, it could be a problem in tighter spaces.

The cost for this tool is about fourteen dollars.  It is for sale HERE.

Manufacturer: Kastar
Model: 6525

Short 5/16″ Battery Terminal Tool

For the batteries found on GM and other vehicles.   Good for cramped installations,  but requiring a little more force to bust the nuts loose.

Cost will be about $8.00 and it can be found HERE.

Manufacturer: OTC
Model: 4614

Long Handle 5/16″ Terminal Nut Removal Tool

At about 10 inches long,  wrench is nice for those terminals buried deeply into a battery or engine compartment.   The leverage provide by the handle could save you from busting your knuckles as well.

This handy $11.50 tool is available HERE.

Manufacturer: OTC
Model: 4615